Welcome to Agro commodities exchange, AgX. Agro commodities exchange is the number one platform for price quotation data analysis for agro commodities, livestock and solid minerals in Africa. You can get all the information you require on Agro commodities, livestock and solid mineral from our platform. Some pieces of information are deliberately not posted on the platform, if you need more information about any commodity not on the platform or that you wished was there, please send a mail to

Our services are as follows:

  1. AgX Active Merchants List: At Agro commodities exchange, we usually get a request for confirmed buyers or verified sellers or suppliers of agro commodities, livestock and solid minerals. This has pushed us to create what we call an “Active Merchant List” we often refer merchants, agents, and companies to the farmers and merchants on the list. You can increase your business volume and trade by registering to be on the list too. Registering as an active merchant only cost $100 annually. If you want us to source for buyers for your product or commodities or get verified suppliers for you, you need to be on this list.


  1. Data/Analytic: We are the harbinger of information; data and analytics of whatever agro commodities, livestock and solid mineral that you might need in Africa. We can prepare the right documentation you need, business plans, marketing plan, feasibility studies and proposals that you need. This is a very affordable service. If you’re interested in requesting for any information, please send a mail to


  1. Exportation: AgX manages whatever exportation needs you might have. If you are exporting from Nigeria and other parts of Africa and you need help or encountering some challenges, you can reach out to us for help and we will take care of it. All you need do is get your goods or products sourced for completely and AgX will take care of the logistics and shipping operations. We’d be glad to do business with you today, send a detail of your logistics and shipping detail or request for our export service via


  1. Quality checks/supervision: AgX helps supervise your products or goods that you’ve bought or intended to buy. We have agents across Nigeria, and other countries like, Benin, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, and Tanzania. You no longer have to worry if you’re buying from the states, Europe, or Asia. We have your backs. We will supervise what you’re buying according to the specification you provide.


  1. Escrow Service: Our mission is to continually provide seamless ways for farmers and agro merchants to do business. We provide escrow services between farmers and merchants and between merchants and merchants. You do not have to worry about paying and receiving what you paid for. Nor do you have to worry about supplying without receiving payment for what you’ve supplied. AgX escrow services bridge this gap for you. As a farmer/agent or merchant, your prospective buyer pays into our escrow account, you make supply to the buyer. Once the buyer confirms supply, we pay you the money immediately. That way, the buyer is happy, and the seller is happy.


For more of our services or inquiries, please send an email to

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